My name is Sophie Browne and I am the designer + crafter behind Amulette Jewelry. Amulette is a line of modern & minimal jewelry using mixed metals and semi-precious stones. I've been an artist since I was young and occasionally experimented with making jewelry for myself and for friends/family. It wasn't until recently when I started getting some interest and compliments on the pieces I was wearing that I decided to create my own line. 

I love collecting rocks and gemstones, I can spend hours in rock stores, and my favorite pieces of mine are the ones that still feel natural and earthy. I try to avoid overly polished/smooth stones because I think they seem artificial. My favorite way to go supply shopping is to go with an open mind- the best bead stores are the ones that have the one-offs or unique pieces. 

Amulette Heirloom is a line I began in April of 2015, and is a curated collection of vintage and antique engagement and wedding rings ranging from the Georgian to the mid-century eras. They are sourced from all over the world and have been hand selected for their unique design and beautiful aesthetics. Each ring is one of a kind and once it is sold, will likely never be available again. All heirloom rings are professionally cleaned and tightened prior to shipping, and have been tested for authenticity. All rings will arrive in a beautiful handmade wooden ring box tied with a silk ribbon.